‘Gob Smacked!’ Yes, Indeed

Our intrepid Roy Hobbs chronicler, Mr. Glenn Miller, fell in love with the term “gob smacked” a few moons back.  Not a word one hears everyday but certainly one with special meaning.

And it applies here.

“Gob Smacked!”

Roy Hobbs Geezer

Here at Roy Hobbs, we are “gob smacked” at the response for the 2022 Roy Hobbs World Series.

277 teams submitted reservation forms between April 15 and May 15, 275 paying the 250 deposit which assures them not only of a place in the 34th Roy Hobbs World Series but also of an additional discount.

By comparison, at this time last year, 120 teams had signed up enroute to a record field of 290 teams in 2021.

Within that 277 (which is now past 280), 80 of those teams are in Week 4 – 60s and 70s.  It is packed and we have closed it down while we look at solving when, where and how we are going to get all the games played.  

Yes, it is a good problem to have, and it creates opportunities to address the challenges that many teams in one week bring.

In 2 words, THANK YOU for your support for Roy Hobbs and its World Series!

Thinking ahead … how many can we handle?

Roy Hobbs has no choice but to cap each week of the tournament or start looking at high school and community park fields, which is not our preference.

We are capping Weeks 1-2-3 at 74 teams each.

We are capping Weeks 4-5 at 80 teams right now but are looking at scheduling options to add 2 teams to each division, making Week 4 84 teams.

The 2021 scheduling of week 4 had all 70s teams playing at least 3 7-inning games, if not more.  We had a few games finish under the lights, but it worked.

Not everyone was happy, we know that; however, the overwhelming feedback we received was that 7 innings was the way to go in 70s.

Therefore, we are moving the 70s division to 7-inning games throughout the week, with the Saturday semifinals and championships being 9 innings.  (For those teams that bring 20-25 players and want to fuss at RH about not having enough playing time, bringing that large of a roster is their decision, not that of Roy Hobbs … so cut your rosters down, please!)

Competition issues in 65s & 70s

We know we have too many mismatches in 65s and 70s, so we are looking at a way to try to limit the AAAA pool play and playoffs to only those teams that belong there. We must work with even numbers for those playoffs, so that is the only requirement for setting those brackets up.

In 65s, it appears to be within reason to set aside a 4A division to play all week.  Yes, there will be rematches, but yes, we also believe the playing field levels out for all teams, and those 4A teams should have a lot more fun.  We know most of the teams that belong; however, if any team wants to compete for the ring with those teams, they need to let us know.

The Timeless Division will be more difficult to manage; however, our goal is to achieve as level a playing field as possible.  So, will 4A be 8 teams, 6 teams, 4 teams?  World Series play will dictate an even number to work with.


So many questions to answer, and not as much space as needed, unless we take this to book form …

  1. Family Ties, what’s happening?  We have petitioned Lee County Parks & Rec to restore the 8 days they removed from our 2022 dates. We should know in June.  If they restore those dates, we will start Sunshine Classic off with Family ties Jan. 29, 2023.  If they do not, we plan to put the Family Ties event on October 14-17, 2022, at PDC. That will necessitate some adjustments in how amenities play out, but still 6 games in 4 days.
  2. 80s play?  Roy Hobbs plans a series of 3 exhibition games for players 79 and older during the Week 5 of World Series #34.  See the May 23 week Newsletter being emailed to all certified Roy Hobbs members.
  3. Free Agents for RHWS?
    1. Yes, Free Agent registration form goes online in July, but we are making changes to the process.
    1. The charge to get on the list will be a non-refundable/non-transferable $50, which Roy Hobbs will use for insurance, membership and the like.
    1. Players and managers then can negotiate the team charge, Taking Roy Hobbs out of the mix of sending checks to managers for $235.  17 players on a team should equate to approximately $225.
    1. Managers still must let us know who they pick up so we can remove them from the list.
  4. Insurance Certificates?  If you are supplying liability insurance certificates in lieu of the $250 RH policy, those MUST be as follows:
    1. Minimum $2 million aggregate and 1 million per occurrence.
    1. Managers will have to certify that all players are covered on their policy and certify that any health issues become the sole responsibility of team members and/or the team.
    1. Co-Insured certificates must name Roy Hobbs Diamond Ent., LLC, d.b.a Roy Hobbs Baseball as the additional insured.
    1. Certificates must be in Roy Hobbs hands by August 1 for the insurance charge to be dropped from the invoice.  If invoice is paid and then the COI shows up, there will be NO refund.
  5. What happens in July?
    1. Team registration links will be emailed on or about July 10.  Those links, in turn, generate the player registration forms.
    1. Practice Field reservation forms will be emailed around same time.
    1. Locker Room data will be emailed by mid-July.
    1. Final invoices, unless requested in advance, will be emailed in late July.
  6. What happened to statistics?  We said at 2021 event that we had to have 33% of a division submit stats.  We were not even close.  Out of 290 teams, we received 36 team’s worth stats.  We thank those managers who responded, but it is obvious that it is too much trouble for everyone.

Back to 2022

The 2022 Roy Hobbs World Series should be an exciting, record-setting time.  We are looking forward to it, including the exciting challenges we face in making it happen. 

Finally …

As we have preached for 2 years:  Remember, we are outside, so stay safe, practice Individual Social Responsibility … keep your distance and treat others as you would like to be treated!

Published by Tom Giffen

Self-proclaimed Boomer-Geezer, graduate of the academy of life, former journalist, current owner of Roy Hobbs Baseball and associated organizations ... passions for truth, family, baseball, wine, the written word, cigars, cooking, friends and trying to do things the right way! Split time between Fort Myers, Fla., and Cedar Park, Texas, where I try real hard to spoil my grandchildren! Yikes, zerotohero!

8 thoughts on “‘Gob Smacked!’ Yes, Indeed

  1. I’m disappointed to read that the 70s will be reduced to playing seven inning games. That’s not true baseball. I understand the situation but I hope that this can still be up for discussion.


    1. thank you Dennis for your comments. Simple answer, it is not up for discussion; the decision has been made. Please walk a mile on our shoes … in order to play 9s, we would have to ask 8 teams to drop out, and that is NOT a palatable solution. Furthermore, we did have discussions on this last summer and at 2022 RHWS, and at RHWS 90% of the those commenting liked the 7s for the 70s. We will be using every field at every playing hour in Week 4 this year; woe be unto us if we get rain!


  2. Playing baseball in such a well organized tournament and on “fields of dreams” for any length of time is true baseball!


  3. Congratulations on the success of the Roy Hobbs World Series. You have built the premier tournament.
    Kudos to you, Ellen and and your staff.


  4. Tom – have you considered offering electronic official scoring services during the tournament? Something along the lines of Game Changer? Obviously, many considerations – cost to each team, training for scorers, manager’s tasks, etc.


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